I did not start this blog to rant or rave. I started it to talk about the issues facing me with my peculiar situation, in the hope that someone, somewhere, in a similar situation would draw strength, and companionship.

So today, I am going to write about all the things which I am grateful for and which have been the highlights in this funny, turpsy-turvy year.

1. I’m immensely grateful for the life growing in me. The fact that I am experiencing a dimension to life that I never desired, deserved, nor even considered existent. The fact that I am allowed to share in the magical and mysterious process of creating a miracle with God. I am so grateful. When I loked at the baby things I got as gifts today, the tiny, tiny socks, the little booties, the vests, feeding bottles, I felt like breakdancing! I am having MY OWN baby. Thank you, Lord.

2. I am really grateful for the presence and support of my friends and family around me. I have literally been living on love for the past few months and now I know how important it is to share in the life and issues of those you care about. For my mother whose daily calls teach me that giving birth to a child is just the beginning of motherhood. I joke that she and I are both pregnant because she calls everyday to find out what I am eating, what I am doing, how I am coping. My best friend who took me into her home for the past 5 or 6 months and left her bedroom to sleep on a couch when I became pregnant, ensures I have my own kind of diet and has not uttered a word of complaint ever since, there cannot be many people like that. That defies all understanding. My sweetheart, Dolf, who takes care of a woman who got pregnant by another man, as though she were his own, without pausing to wonder what the hell he is doing. My brothers who are eagerly anticipating the birth of their nephew or niece without a thought as to the fact that their sister is unmarried. My friend, Joyce, who would call me everyday when she heard I was ill despite the fact that I was not even picking up my calls. My colleagues who gave me a break when I was ill and encouraged me and bought me gifts and helped me when I couldn’t help myself. The list is endless. God bless them all.

3. I’m grateful for the abilities I have; the fact that I excel in EVERY job I do.It is only by His grace that I succeed.

4. I’m grateful that in pregnancy I look even much better than I did when I wasn’t. Everyone cannot get over how I am not showing, how pretty I look, and how attractive I am.

5. Despite my lack of a car for over a year, I have not had the need to get into public transport, i have paid my way from cab to cab. Despite my lack of a house, I still have a roof over my head, and a great one at that.

It wasn’t easy, but it has come, and we are surviving. Thank you, Lord.


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