A Day In The Life


It was kind of a slow day today. I made breakfast that seemed to knock everyone out. LOL. We all slept the whole day ! I think my baby enjoyed it if anything, he/she is back to the hyperactivity this evening. I still can’t believe I’m actually carrying a baby in me! I sometimes wake up in the morning and expect to have a flat tummy, and I’m surprised that it is this large. A baby will actually come out of that? Wow. God is wonderful.

( As I write I say a prayer for the unborn. May he/she be free of affliction in Jesus name. Amen.)

In a related development I googled the drugs that my doctor is giving me as ARV therapy and I am a bit worried. The first was contraindicated for women who in their words ‘wanted to have a pregnancy’ and was never to be used alone! We broke both rules. The 2nd one is labelled highly toxic and has several warnings. He did tell me that we had to do a liver function test every month or so now because of the drug, but I think it may need a little more than that. I really need to get educated on this disease but where do I find a place with the time and the interest and without all the negative attention?

Plus, it’s beginning to set in financially that I no longer have a job. A deal that I tried to cut fell through today with the guys cutting me off by about $200. That’s money I could have used ‘cos I am recession-compliant now. LOL. I hope I will be able to make enough money, somehow, this month to take care of my antenatal charges and have a little Christmas. So help me God.

Pray for me. 🙂



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