Counting My Blessings


It was 2004, I believe, I had recently been duped of some money I paid for a house, my soon-to-be-ex landlady was on my neck to leave her place (I’ve never been lucky with accommodation, right from University), so I had moved to a friend’s bq. Unfortunately, as it turned out, she also wanted me out too for some reason, so I was stuck. At that time, as at now. I had no way of gathering the money needed to make rent again. everything I had was gone into the dupe’s hands. I don’t know if it was then I turned to God, or before then, but I held on to Him and believed in a miracle. I had turned away from doing evil, including sleeping with my boyfriend who I told I was turning my life around. (Funny, boyfriend, then, is baby daddy now- so much for that resolve.)

I actually enjoyed being Christian then. It wasn’t borne out of a need per se but just a desire to do right by God. I loved going to church , both on Sundays and during the week, and I loved the communion with Him ; my neighbours thought I was having an affair with someone and was concealing it. Anyway, in the midst of this situation was when this accommodation issue came up again. I was at a loss as to where to get money to pay for a flat, and my friend was not finding it funny with me still in her bq. Anyway, one day, as I went to God in prayer I got this idea to contract my services to my former boss for the price of the accommodation. I knew this idea was divinely inspired because it made a lot of sense yet it seemed a tad too difficult. My former place of employment, then, was the biggest independent TV station in Nigeria. I joined it because it was an ambitious and promising project, I left because it had too many issues. The people were not paid regularly and as a result they became mercenaries at their jobs, only going for the highest bidder, the equipment was unavailable, etc. He never wanted me to leave, in the first place, and he did a lot to make me stay, but the structure of that place and my standard of living, did not fall in line with my dreams for my first job.

So, this was the situation God advised me to go back and ask for, and I obeyed. The miracles started almost immediately. When I got to the office, I wondered how I was going to go to his office and make my offer. I did not need to worry because he saw me as I came into the premises and opened his window in the penthouse, and asked me if I was running away from him.


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