When It Rains…


I got evicted again, tonight. I did not do anything, I’m just a sitting duck for the shooter.

My friend, in whose house I am now staying, is married to a guy as the 2nd wife. This house is hers, built by her. For a while she had been having issues with the guy; he tells lies , he is probably cheating on her, and more recently, he was shielding the truth about his first wife’s diabolical nature. All these are my friend’s accusations, how true they are remains to be proven.

Anyway, for a while my friend had been having serious health problems. She had experienced heavy, menstrual-like bleeding for over 20 days, and on Sunday she had accompanying pelvic pain and had to be rushed to the hospital. Since her mother is still around taking care of her sister’s new baby she rushed to her side with a retinue of ‘pastors’ or seers or whomever they consult, who said the same thing; the first wife was using diabolical means to attack my friend. My friend then tried to talk to her husband about this and the next thing I heard she was screaming at him on the phone -they always fight like that- because he was pretending not to know his 1st wife dabbled in juju. In all this I minded my own business and did not behave like I knew anything.

So imagine my surprise when the guy called me this evening with a hidden number, and started asking how prepared I was for my delivery and after. When I explained the situation of things to him, he said if it was a miracle I was waiting for I should, from now, better start thinking of how I would transition (leave) this place because he wanted to bring someone in who was going to stay 5 months. And I should think of the transition in terms of my delivery, and afterwards, blah, blah, blah.In other words, I should start making arrangements to leave his house before the baby comes. When he dropped the phone I just started crying , not because of his harshness or his sudden decision, but because I am tired.

I could sense that my friend’s mother doesn’t like me or want me to be here, and the guy had been with her that evening, explaining his role in the 1st wife issue, so whether my presence came up at that gathering is left to God to decide. The point is that my presence is no longer conducive for anyone. My friend got reaally wild when she heard what transpired and warned all her family members, they will now feel angry that she’s raving at them because of a guest. I feel that I don’t need to cause her problems in her home because I have mine. The wahala is plenty jo, and I am just exhausted. I need permanent rest.

Only God knows where I am going now, or how I will get there. And considering my delivery is just 3 weeks away!


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  1. Wow….just wow.I really do not know what advice I can offer as someone on the outside looking in, but I would like to tell you to seek all avenues especially your delivery is right around the corner.I hated to read this. Some people are very cold and heartless and I won't even sit here and tell you to forgive the one person – cause I doubt if I would be able to forgive in this instance, myself.Good luck.

  2. I pray daily to God to help me forgive and forget. I have too much to take up my mind without adding bitterness and malice to it. Those emotions never got me anywhere in the past. If God had not allowed them any sort of power over me, they would not have had it. So there's a purpose to all this. The only person I see it necessary to take any action against is my baby's father; and that for my baby's sake. Thanks for your comment.

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