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The Story So Far


Hiya All

Sorry about the silence, things were quite hectic. But here is a timeline of events so far


While on Christmas holiday I found out- helped by a little undercover research, that my boss had randomly assigned Christmas ‘bonuses’ to staff. Some people including the security guard and the cleaner got as much as 100%  bonus. Others got as much as 180%. Infact the 2nd least percentage was 85%, while the lowest was 40%. I fell into the last category, along with the laziest person in the office, who is actually my boss’s brother.

So after a very intense battle with myself, I came back to this job after the holidays.. Truth be told, the battle was not only with self, it was egged on by advice from my mum and a little common sense. I spent a lot of money over the holidays, helping my family out in one way or the other. It felt good to be able to do that and I also realised that I had/have a child to take care of so an exit plan must be just that – a plan. That said I delayed for an extra week, claiming I was sick before I came to the office. I went back to my job armed with the idea that I would only stay there long enough to get another job and the fact that I have put in a job application for a job I REALLY wanted. Immediately I arrived the said boss called me to his office and began to explain his actions pf last year, without prompting. Oh! He gave bonuses based on several assessments, he was upset last month because a reporter said so-and-so,  that he needed to have me here so he could do all the other things he needed to do, blah, blah, blah. At the end of his speech he neither apologised nor actually explained his behaviour, just pointed out that I was the cause of his problems somewhat. At the end of the lengthy speech he asked if I had anything to say. I did not. He continued on his plans for the year, 2 new people he had employed during the holidays came. He also told me that I needed to move out of the office or be kicked out by the end of the month.

I decided to totally humble myself to the staff, no more strictness or rules that the bosses allow them flout. The battle is not against flesh and blood.

Accountant is unsure of the salary of one of the newly employed staff- boss just puts a random figure in the payment schedule claiming it’s a pro rated salary for half of the month. Said staff refuses to report to her supervisors and goes directly to the boss.

I was called for and I attended my job interview. It was good, I felt I made an impression.

I finally found accommodation- on the mainland.

I began classes for a professional qualification.



I moved to my apartment in Ikeja.

I did make an impression but I didn’t get the job.

I got close to my staff particularly the accountant who informed me that people blamed ME for the disparity in bonuses because the bosses said they gave it out based on my appraisal! She also told me she was pregnant. Said staff is giving more problems as she is obviously unaware of how to do her job and unwilling to listen to instruction. Everyone complains. She goes to the boss, as usual he calls me and her to his office to ‘testify’ again. The said staff’s salary comes up again for disclosure’ boss hems and haws and finally gives her a figure and secretly adjusts salaries of said staff’s supervisor and the accountant to reflect a higher and lower salary respectively.

It is costing me 2/3rds of my salary to get to work everyday.

I begin another round of fronting for the other boss. This time when we are given a 50% advance fee he takes a little over half of it for himself and  leaves me to decide how I can execute the job with whatever is left.

I go to check out the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research for HIV treatment and care. They require a referral from LUTH.



While I am working on his personal job, my boss sends an email that contains a new company structure/ organogram. The email addressed to my subordinate but in which I am copied, refers to a conversation they had, puts forward the new structure where this subordinate is elevated to the same level as I am (General Manager), and concludes that we should discuss it so it can be adopted. I discuss this with my accountant confidante who informs me that she was ordered that same day to make the said subordinate a signatory to the company’s accounts as well. This is actually the subordinate’s first job ever. We never discuss or officially adopt the structure, but I get the message and begin minding my (appointed) business.

I pretend not to know about the reasons for the secret salary increases and question the accountant about it in an official email. My boss responds to my questioning saying my salary would be increased as soon as my ‘assessment ‘ is finished. Whatever that is.



My boss complains that I am hardly in the office and that he needs me there to oversee things as he has to be away most of the time. He also says he has told my other boss that he should be the one paying my salary since I spend so much time doing his job. He goes on to describe how I can set up an office for that business and run it instead of working with/for him.  I know instantly that they have had a quarrel over the money coming from the private projects. I know it is time to plot my way out.

I receive a job offer with a satellite TV station- in Calabar. They want to put me to trial for 2 months and offer me communal accommodation for the time period. The remuneration is exactly twice my present salary but seems quite a risk to take for a 2 month trial based on undisclosed parameters, in another state. I turn it down.

My baby turns 3, and gets promoted in school.

I feel the cost of transportation to the office much more than before.



In a spur of the moment decision, I resign from my job. During the acrimonious back and forth emails between my boss and I, I find out that he had a hand in my not getting the job in January.

I go to seek treatment in LUTH.


Details follow shortly




Thanks to Jemima and ‘Moi@ who have been checking up on me. I am alive and apparently, well.