For Sykik


It’s not always that you find people who root for you just because. What’s even rarer is finding someone who takes it a step further and actually reaches out to you in different ways.
Anyone can open a blog account and write stories. And what the assurance that they are true? But Sykik pushed past these doubts.
I want to thank you specially for taking me away from that bad place I was in. For making me believe I was worth some effort. For the prayers, the emails, the effort you put in. Things might not be perfect still, but I do feel better; about others and about myself.

Thank you, Sykik. This is for you.



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  1. God bless you Sykik! And may you meet with destiny helpers yourself.
    God bless you Joie.. God loves you and it is evidenced in the calibre of people He’s sent your way. You are a huge source of blessing and inspiration to so many people.. many of whom are quietly anonymous. xx

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