Hiya People

Happy New Year. Why do we even say that? There’s no way a whole year can be happy so why even say it at all? O well…

I just watched Life of Pi for the first time and I felt inspired to drop a few lines. It’s a great movie. It starts out like a film about a boy who is growing up and fascinated with life and then it becomes a story about the journey of life, faith and hope.  The only connection however, between this post and that movie, is that I just spoke about it. This post is not about the life of Pi but the life of Joie.

It’s been a whirlwind two months for me. In December tings picked up so fast that I was breathless. I got a few things to do – although most of them turned out to be scams with ‘gbese’ clients but I still made enough to pay my daughter’s school fees for the session. That said, however, I still have a few commitments to clients to fulfil that have become a thorn in my flesh- but this is not a complaint.

Last year also, precisely towards the end of November and into December, I learnt a valuable lesson. The circumstances under which I learnt it are not as important as what I learnt. You see, there is an immutable law on earth; what you believe, you attract, what you attract, you receive. I have heard that said over and over again but I just took it as a mixture of myth and conventional wisdom.  But it is not.

Around November last year I was terribly depressed and deflated. I did not have two pennies to rub together, I was in debt and despite my best efforts there was no sign of any work forthcoming. I was dreading Christmas because the last thing I wanted to do was to go home to my parents and my daughter empty-handed. It was in this attitude that I complained to an old friend. You see, this guy is someone I have always and a lot of respect for. By any definition e is well-off, having houses in Nigeria and America, and a successful business, but that is not why I respect him. I respect him because he has succeeded inspite of his very obvious limitations. You see, this my friend is what people will call disabled. His senses are impaired but he has risen above that to make himself a success, celebrated at home and abroad. So obviously, when he gave advice I would listen.

He listened to me and heard all I said then said something very simple; begin to expect the things you want. And don’t allow in the negative thoughts. Of course I hemmed and hawed about how I didn’t know how to do that, how it has never worked for me, etc, blah, blah. But he said everything he has ever achieved in his life has been because he thought like this. Everything. You must assume the feeling of receiving and being in possession of that ting you desire. He said that he wasn’t talking of religion, or Christianity, this was a law of nature, of thee art.

Now a little while before that meeting with him, I had already begun to realise that I must learn to stop worrying about things. I had this attitude of agonizing endlessly about the things that bother me so much that I would have sleepless nights, be unable to eat, be incapacitated. After talking with him I agreed to both envision what I wanted and stop stressing about my problems. I started by deliberately allowing myself to ignore problems that were out of my control, after praying about them. Then I fought hard with my mind about doubting the things I desired would come to me. To cut a long story sort, there were miraculous incidents; calls from people to do stuff for them, problems solving by themselves. I kid you not.

I am still working on it and myself. I am a recovering control freak so it will be hard to change but so far so good. Things seem easier for me now and I am happier. I still have problems- I am even in a big one now- but I see that now as something external to me and not an extension of who I am or who I can be.

I was going to write about my last visit to the hospital but the post as turned into this. I don’t know who this is for but believe me, change your reaction and  see a difference.

God be with you.


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  1. I feel so psychic, I had clicked on your blog early this morning cyber-wishing a new post would appear soon, and look at this you posted. Happy new year to you too. Now off to actually read teh post…was just so excited.

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