Monthly Archives: February 2014



I ran into an Ex today. He was not exactly an ex in the traditional sense, just one of those guys that took advantage of my lack of self confidence those years when i was still sifting through the fog, to find myself. He was very much older than me and was in the same church I was attending then, so when the nickle dropped I was so devastated. I remember his brother never spoke a word to me until I broke up with him, because he could not understand how I was unable to see what was so obvious to everyone else- that his brother was just toying with me.

Anyway I had just parked at the bank and was in the process of picking out my wallet to go inside when i saw him, I just ignored him. Apparently he had seen me too much earlier. He walked up to my side of the car as I was speaking to my daughter and said hello madam. Hello M…i responded only briefly turning away from my handbag to glance at him. He introduced himself, name and surname. I know who you are I said, I called your name. He was surprised. Said he thought to come to see if it was me. Well it was, it is, i said. He said ok bye and I responded, all the while never giving him a second glance.

When he left all I could think of was how happy i was that i looked really good that day and how shabby he looked. At least he would never know if I have/had all these problems from mine or my daughter’s appearances. But the nerve of him coming to say hello with a flourish! What did he expect a red carpet and trumpets?

The knowledge that your past is actuslly far behind you is so gratifying it is unbelievable.