Life for a PLWHA is not much different from everyone elses. Not MUCH, I said. I have been away because I was fighting the urge to get on here and complain.It has not been easy but it’s not easy for anyone, whether you are HIV+ or not. Nigeria is a terrible country to exist in.

I was very badly affected by the NIS tragedy. I took it personally because any of those people could have been me.But this exact reason is why I attempt to avoid desperation in my job search. Not every job is worth getting, not to mention dying for.

I have been ill lately and everytime I am ill I imagine it might be time for me to die. I imagine that the disease has finally won. This time was particularly fraught with imagining things like that. Maybe because I did not have enough money to treat myself or maybe for other reasons this illness that presents like malaria has refused to go. But I am here.

And thus ends my randomness for today


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  1. Joie, the mind plays tricks. Little wonder someone called the imagination “the mad woman in the house”, who always goes around breaking things. The disease is not winning. Did you do a malaria test? I also know there’s flu around town, so I wouldn’t worry. I know it’s easy to say try to be happy, but it’s precisely one of the things I’ve learnt from you, reading some of your previous posts – there’s so much joy we have within, if only we let it come out, ignoring the rants of the “mad woman in the house”.

    I am moved as I type this, you cannot guess how much.

    You are not alone Joie, you are not alone.

    Come on girl, let’s see that smile 🙂

  2. It is well. Hold on to God, he’s the only One who promises never to leave nor forsake us, he’s a strong tower, our healer and deliverer….the One who has never lost a battle. He’s perfecting all that concerns you… sure as the dawn……that’s how sure your testimony is

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