Aaaaand Scene


I’m back.

    • The storm is over.
    • The cloud has lifted.
    • I am going to fight again.

You already knew this was coming didn’t you?

I am giving life another shot. I have to; I’m here aren’t I? For some reason the cloud lifted today and I became excited again about all the things I am dreaming about. And just like these things happen, the first post I read was about the power of positive confessions.

My daughter called me this evening. This is rare because she never calls or even agrees to have a conversation of more than 2 seconds on the phone. She regaled me with her latest discovery including the fact that one of her teeth had fallen out. I asked her to take a picture.

But you’re not here, she complained. Yes, I will see it when I come , I answered. How long will you come back, she asked, (meaning how soon I would return). Very soon, I said. What are you even doing in that Lagos? I said that was a question even I had problems answering but that I was trying to make money. And when you make money you will come back? Yes. Okay, buy many things and everything for me,  because I love you. I said ok but she repeated ‘because I love you’. I said I loved her too.

But I heard that conversation differently. It was not just my 5 year old telling me she missed me, it was my purpose nudging me to carry on. There is something, someone to live for, to be successful for. Ignore the present situation and keep walking. Things will happen.

I thank God for every misstep and wrong decision that led me to having that child, to bringing me where I am.I think I have mourned who I could have been enough. Now it is time to live out who I can be.

The Battle Is Not For Our Bodies, It Is For Our Minds



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