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So I went to the APIN clinic for my regular checkup. I had done a test 3 months ago as we usually do, to check my CD4 levels and I was expecting the result today. Anyway, I will probably talk about the visit later but suffice it to say that my suspicions were right. My CD4 levels have dropped. I was a bit ill when I tested last – kind of like I have been lately- and going through a lot of stress like having to move out of my home and working on a printing job that was very problematic. So maybe that was the problem. I remember being very shocked at my weight that day which is only 2kg less than what I weigh now. Things are not much different now so I wonder if the CD4 hasn’t dropped even further. The doctor advised that I ‘eat well’, ‘do everything to make my CD4 increase’. She was so casual about it, seemed like I was just one of her many case notes. I am still not at the level where they prescribe drugs but that is because I am in Nigeria. In a developed country I would have began drugs from my last test but I guess to some that is a good thing.

That is the main issue from my hospital visit though, other occurrences will come later.  I  disabled comments today because really I do not feel like hearing about hugs and all that right now. No offense to anyone. I’ll be okay.