Happy New Year (Hopefully)


I cannot exactly say I am happy we are in another year. I do not share the ‘thank God for life’sentiment of Nigerians. Life to be life has to have a purpose and that purpose should set it in constant motion. Otherwise, what is the point. But that is a post for another day. Today I just want to take stock of last year with a view to…I do not even know.

A few good things happened  in 2015

  • I left LUTH for a much better health centre
  • I began ARVs
  • I came ‘out of the closet’ with my illness
  • I met someone
  • I got a job
  • I made a great friend from an (read:this) unlikely place
  • My mother replaced her car

Then things rapidly went downhill

  • ‘Someone’ turned out to be no one worth my time
  • I lost the job before I began, got another one and was fired from that one after two months
  • I was diagnosed with severe depression
  • I fell seriously ill several times
  • I was unable to move out to my own place

In general, 2015 was quite a horrible year for me. I am a bit more cautious about effervescent optimism at this moment yet I am looking forward… And ignoring fear. Or trying to.


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  1. I just got infected in November, although I’ve not tested positive yet but I’ve been having all the symptoms of hiv. Am here to draw strength and courage to face my life ahead.

    • Hi Joie how are you? sorry it took a while to reply. I have been very sick but I carried out another test and it came out nagative. Thanks for checking up on me, although am still waiting to test again in six months because am still very sick. Please I’d love to work for an NGO on Hiv/Aids, if you are connected to any one do let me know. Thanks dear.

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