Thanksgiving of A’Roach


You know how cockroaches refuse to be killed and you are chasing them all over the place until they run to safety in a hole? That is exactly how my friend described my life and me. A description I actually hated but which seems to ring true.

As I write you I am in the continent of Asia, and in India to be precise. This is my third month here. Yes, I raised the funds and how I moved from that despair in my last post to being here at this location is more than a miracle. More than a miracle. I will catalogue everything in my next post but for now I want to express gratitude to all those who assisted me in one way or the other. The bulk of my expenses was not from any particular person but was earned however a few people seemed to open the ‘floodgates’.

Thank you Ese. Thank you James. For the much needed material. Thank you Uche and Neuyogi for the psychological. And thanks to everyone who came anonymously with a prayer. May all your dreams come true.

Please do not be offended that I am not writing the post filling the gaps at the moment. I had to come back here today to take stock and be reminded that the universe can shift. For you.

Talk soon.

Love and Light








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  1. Thank you for this blog…it has given me hope and strength especially as a pregnant young woman who …….i am hoping we can chat privately as I need someone to talk to.

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