The Dark Depth


These days my daughter’s health is paramount in my mind; moreso when I visit home. I just got back from a visit to my parents and she has little boils sprouting for the umpteenth time. She has been placed on antibiotics over and over again. There’s probably nothing worse than watching someone you love so dearly suffering and you are unable to do anything about it.
I was going to bring her here for her test but the current face-off between govt and doctors have made the hospitals worse than they are. I am just waiting for the craziness to die down plus I really do not have a place for her to stay here yet.
The thing is I am worried and angry at the same time. I am worried that I have brought an innocent life into the wahala of this virus and I am angry that I am powerless in this regard. I do not know how I can go on if this girl is finally diagnosed positive. She did not ask to be born. She didnt.
Please, Madam Sting, how does HIV present in toddlers?


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  1. Not sure if the first comment i left was sent cos i was talking and typing at the same time and i have no clue if i submitted the comment. Besides the boils is she sick all the time? Does she look healthy and did she meet all her milestones? While her recurrent infection might be a sign or immunosuppression, i wouldn’t conclude that it was because of HIV because that could be caused by anything. Best advice is to get her tested so that you mind can come down. She was given those ARV’s after she was born for a while right? I’m would bet she’s fine.

  2. Hey, i really hope she is fine, i do agree that its really hard watching one’s child suffer, but i recall that when my son was about two he had huge boils twice almost back to back, so terrible that i couldn’t even recognize my son, so i am hoping its that phase for your daughter and everything will clear up, you should get her tested otherwise you will just be torturing thoughts are with you ….hugs

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